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Novel Coronavirus Updates: How Healthcare System, Tests Work; More

Episode Summary

This is last week's episode of 16 Minutes on the news from a16z, which we are cross-posting here now -- with most recent updates added in the intro -- given that the topic of *health system preparedness* and community spread is top of mind for many right now.

Episode Notes

This episode covers the following -- since our previous deep-dive on the novel coronavirus outbreak -- including:

  1. practical implications for the U.S. healthcare system given how it works today, and where we might go in the future — with a16z general partner Julie Yoo, given our vantage point in tech; and
  2. how the rt-PCR test works — with a16z bio partner Judy Savitskaya;

…in conversation with Sonal Chokshi.

Sources for updates at top:

Sources for last week's episode:

image: CDC test kit for COVID-19/ Wikimedia Commons