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The Fintech Opportunity for Students and Gen Z

Episode Summary

It’s back to school season, and student loans and education funding are top of mind. Beyond the policy debates, though, what is the opportunity for fintech to help students and other young people navigate their first big financial decisions? Mos founder Amira Yahyaoui joins the podcast to discuss financing college, banking for students, and more. Take our 3-minute listener survey for the chance to win a16z swag: future.com/survey

Episode Notes

This week, student loans are back in the news, with the administration's announcement of a plan to forgive student loan debt for certain kinds of borrowers. Outside of the specific policies, though, student loans are often the first of many big financial decisions that young people make as they begin to build credit history and join the labor force. So what role can technology play in serving this demographic's particular needs, now and into the future?

In this episode from October 2020, Amira Yahyaoui, the founder and CEO of Mos, a platform that helps students with their banking needs, like getting financial aid for college, joins a16z general partner Anish Acharya, partner Seema Amble, and host Lauren Murrow to discuss fintech for Gen Z and millenials. They dig into some of the issues around student loans today, the underserved banking needs of this group, and how fintech can help younger consumers today as well as set them up for a better financial future.