a16z Podcast

How to Find Product-Market-Sales Fit

Episode Summary

Getting to “product-market fit” is one of the key milestones for any startup. But for enterprise and B2B founders, product-market fit often requires a strong strategy around how you sell that product.

Episode Notes

In this episode from February 2019, Jyoti Bansal, founding CEO of AppDynamics and co-founder of Unusual Ventures, joins a16z general partner Peter Levine, a16z partner Sateesh Talluri, and host Sonal Choksi to discuss how product and sales evolve together for enterprise go-to-market, including key milestones for both product development and marketing, frameworks for how to think about pre- to post-product market fit, the role of additional levers like services or pricing, and more.

For the show transcript, you can go here.