a16z Podcast

How the Internet Happened

Episode Summary

With Web3 gathering more momentum than ever before across the tech ecosystem, what can we learn from the recent past of tech adoption? In this episode from December 2018, author and podcaster Brian McCullough talks with a16z general partner Chris Dixon about the origins of the internet, based on Brian’s book, How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone.

Episode Notes

In his book (and podcast), Brian McCullough chronicles the history and evolution of the internet -- from college kids in a basement and the dot-com boom, to the applications built on top of it and the entrepreneurs behind them.

General partner Chris Dixon chats with McCullough about How the Internet Happened -- and more broadly, about how tech adoption and innovation happens. They discuss lessons learned, how innovation doesn’t happen in a straight line, and what the past can tell us about the next phase of the internet and technology.